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Saturday, 10 January 2015

Dark Facts: All About Ghosts

- They walk through doors. 
- They rise from the dead, which gives them an ethereal appearance.
- Famous people can become ghosts. One ghost who is very famous is Abraham Lincoln's in the White House. Lincoln began attending seances since his son died. 
- Some ghosts are anonymous like the white ladies or drowned ladies or hitchhikers. 
- Most of them are frightening.
- Ghosts can be men, women, children and sometimes animals. They can be silent or they can speak. Some are chained and they clanking their chains.
- Although there is no scientific proof of their existence, all societies believe in them.
- There are ghost coaches, ghost horses and ghost ships. 
- It is believed ghosts are between life and death. It is believed they can't leave earth since they have a problem to solve.
- Sometimes they give advice, warning or console or guide the living. Some are messengers of death so they come to warn of an impending death.
- Dickens was fond of ghosts so he used them in his stories a lot. A ghost sowed Scrooge how wrong he was. Shaekespeare used ghosts a lot in Richerd III, Julius Caesar, Hamlet's father, in Macbeth. Banquo's ghost leads Macbeth to madness. 
- Banshees: In Japan ghosts tend to be women since they are more passionate.
- Sometimes ghosts are very powerful: they can kill or inspire others to take revenge, eg Hamlet to murder Claudius.
- When somebody dies, some rituals must be performed: a lit candle repels bad spirits and protects the dead so that their souls may rest in peace. In Europe mirrors are covered. The corpse must be taken with his feet first and preferably through the back door. Sometimes a person's favourite things are put insde his coffin to accompany him on his way to death. 
- Egyptians had burial rituals.
- The deceased must have proper burials, esp in the case of criminals and those who suffered a violent death.

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