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Friday, 9 January 2015

Gothic Trivia: Ghost World

* Ghost Cat

In 1968, the ghost of a cat appeared several times to workmen in a house in southern Ireland. The animal was as big as a dog. It terrified all the men with its red and orange eyes.

* Halloween

The traditional time for ghosts to walk the Earth is Halloween on 31st October. That's when the wall between the living and the dead is said to be easist to pass through.

* Irish Ghost

A banshee is a traditional form of Irish ghost. Some people have heard its terrible cries just before a death.

* Violent Deaths

Many Irish ghosts seem to be of people who have met a violent end. Some people living in North Dublin have seen the ghsot of a man. Someone cut his throat in 1863.

* Poltergeists

These ghosts cannot be seen. They often throw things violently aorund a room.

* Flaming Ghosts

Small flames are sometimes seen in wet areas. They are caused by burning gases from dead plants. People used to think that those were ghosts.

* Power of the Mind

Monks in Tibet believe they can make a ghost appear by thinking hard. The ghosts are called tulpas and can be good or bad.

* Cold Spots

In many reports of hauntings, people said that they felt a sudden drop in temperature before they saw the ghost.

* Haunted Mirror

Film star Marilyn Monroe is said to haunt a mirror that she owned. Marilyn died suddenly on 4th August, 1962.

* Haunted Clocks

It is curious that many clocks have stopped working at the exact moment when their owners died.

* Ghostly Smells

Some ghosts are connected with a particular smell. The ghost of a lady in Bovey House in England always smells of flowers.

* Computer Ghost

In 1984 the ghost of man called Harden sent messages through a computer. He wrote in old English, as it was hundreds of years ago. 

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