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Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Gothic Weather Conditions: Rain

Rain is water falling from the clouds.
She went out in the rain without a coat.
The crops need rain.
It's pouring with rain (=raining very hard)
It's raining cats and dogs (=raining very heavily)
It's drizzling (= raining very lightly)

Hail is rain which falls as hard, frozen drops.

Snow is frozen rain that falls in soft, white pieces.

Sleet is rain falling as snow but partly melted.

A shower is a fall of rain that does not last very long.

A downpour is a heavy fall of rain.

A rainstorm is is a sudden heavy fall of rain.

A blizzard is a heavy fall of snow with strong winds.

The rains is the season in tropical countries when rain falls continually; monsoon.
The rains have started early this year.

A rain check is a ticket that can be used another time, given to the holder of a ticket for an event (such as a game, play or concert) which is not going to take place.

Rainwear are clothes one wears during rainy days.

Barbour is a type of coat made in the UK of a material that wind and rain cannot go through. Barbours are known for being good quality expensive coats, and they were traditionally worn by farmers and other people who live in the country. More recently they have also become fashionable with people who live in cities.

Songfacts: "Rain" by the Beatles 

The song "Rain," by the Beatles was released in 1966 as the 'B side' for the blockbuster single "Paperback Writer" ("Rain" peaked at #23 on the Billboard charts, while "Paperback Writer" hit #1). The inspiration for the song was to describe the band's arrival in Australia, which was marked by poor weather and rain. In fact, John Lennon commented that he had "never seen rain as hard as that, except in Tahiti." He also explained that the song was about "people moaning about the weather all the time." "Rain" is one of the Beatles' most critically-acclaimed songs. In fact, the British rock group Oasis liked this song so much they originally named their band The Rain.

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